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How to get access to anonymised patient-level data

We are ready to make data from clinical trials sponsored by LEO Pharma available for scientific purposes. Research proposals from scientists are welcome and will be reviewed by the external Patient and Scientific Review Board to evaluate the scientific rationale behind the request.

The approval of a researcher's request for access to data shall under no circumstances be considered or interpreted as a recommendation or appraisal of the research proposal, either by the Patient and Scientific Review Board or by LEO Pharma. The same position applies for the research outcome. 

The process of requesting access to patient-level data consists of five steps:

Step 1:  Feasibility assessment by LEO Pharma
Step 2:  Research proposal
Step 3:  Review and decision by the Patient and Scientific Review Board
Step 4:  Preparation and provision of anonymised patient-level datasets
Step 5:  Analysis of the data