Reporting of clinical trial results

LEO Pharma considers it an ethical and scientific responsibility to report the results of our clinical trials.

LEO Pharma considers result reporting for clinical trials to be an ethical and scientific responsibility. By ensuring that all our clinical trial results are accessible, we minimise the risk for biased and selective reporting.


A fundamental component of LEO Pharma’s endeavours for increased clinical trial

transparency is to guarantee return of clinical trial results to the patients. Our trial participants are informed where and when the trial results will become available, and we express our sincere gratitude in writing for their valuable contributions.


Public data registries

The clinical trial results of LEO Pharma are reported according to applicable laws and regulations and international recommendations in:

  • various national registries


Reporting is performed after completion or termination of the clinical trial according to set timelines by the governing authority, and the results of the trial are reported regardless of outcome.


Starting September 2019*, we publish the results of all trials with products that are approved anywhere in the world on the global public registry


*Refers to the year of the clinical trial protocol