Clinical trial reports and synopses

We post the results of our clinical trials on the LEO Pharma website, covering trials in patients as well as in healthy people.

As a voluntary initiative, we post results of our clinical trials on LEO Pharma’s website, covering trials in both healthy participants and patients. These results are posted in three formats:

Clinical trial reports and synopses are posted for phase 1-4 trials dating back to 1990*. Plain language summaries are posted for phase 2-4 trials completed after January 2018.

Synopses and plain language summaries are posted within 12 months after the trial is completed. Exception: Synopses for clinical trials in children (paediatric population) are posted within 6 months.

Clinical trial reports from trials investigating approved products in approved indications are posted after the results have been presented in an original research article in a peer-reviewed journal.

*Refers to the year of the clinical trial protocol.