Our commitment to transparency

LEO Pharma is transparent about information and results from our clinical trials. Our aim is to enable patients and health-care professionals to take informed decisions about treatment, facilitated by the availability of both historical clinical trial information and information from the latest projects in clinical development.
Public Access to Clinical Trial Information

Clinical trial disclosure

Currently, our commitments to clinical trial transparency apply to all interventional clinical trials conducted by LEO Pharma (including drug-device combination trials). Оur transparency framework meets, and in some cases exceeds, existing requirements from regulatory authorities and major industry associations regarding disclosure of clinical trial information. 
Registration of clinical trials

LEO Pharma registers all interventional clinical trials in a global public registry.

Reporting of clinical trial results

LEO Pharma considers it an ethical and scientific responsibility to report the results of our clinical trials.

Clinical trial reports and synopses

We post the results of our clinical trials on the LEO Pharma website, covering trials in patients as well as in healthy people.

Access to anonymised data

We support clinical research and encourage the use of our data to expand the understanding of and ability to treat dermatological and other diseases.